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Haley Buzbee Shoor is a Jacksonville native, recently returning to the South after a ballet career and owning a very successful Pilates studio in the NYC metro area. Haley is a Master Instructor Trainer with STOTT PILATES, certified in Pilates mat work and on all of the Pilates apparatus. Haley is passionate about helping her clients understand their bodies better so that they can find strength and confidence through movement-- regardless of age or fitness level!


Growing up in North Florida, Haley fell in love with dance movement at her Montessori preschool. By the age of 11, she enrolled in Florida Ballet at Jacksonville’s professional training program.

Haley found Pilates through her ballet training in Jacksonville. As she advanced from corps de ballet to soloist, it became clear to her that Pilates training enhanced her ballet technique. Haley went on to perform with Florida Ballet, Connecticut Ballet, and New York Live Arts. Her New York performance in Joffrey Ballet headmaster Davis Robertson’s “Romeo and Juliet” was praised by The New York Times as “gentle, lyrical.” 


Throughout the years she danced professionally in New York, Haley also taught Pilates in a variety of settings. She focused on teaching post-injury clients and working within a rehab setting. Haley worked with physical therapists providing in-house continuing education and helped to develop a program for women transitioning from post-mastectomy physical therapy to Pilates. Haley has also trained many top athletes, helping them maintain prime fitness levels while remaining injury-free.


Since giving birth to her own three amazing children, Haley loves to help moms-to-be keep fit and healthy during pregnancy and to support new mamas as they regain strength and feel great in their new bodies. Haley is also a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, and she is adept at bridging the gap between mind-body exercise and resistance training.

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