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Happy and Healthy Holiday Challenge 
3 weeks of Pilates + healthy lifestyle habits + accountability to keep you feeling great throughout the holidays!

Happy and Healthy Holiday Challenge is for women (just like you!), who want to jumpstart a change in your life. You want to feel strong, have more energy, love your body and become your best self.


The problem is there are so many “experts” telling you their way is the only way, you just don’t know who to trust.

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  • Tried every exercise fad, but know it’s not sustainable for your body.

  • Yo-yo dieted but are tired of depriving yourself.

  • Don’t have hours to spend in the gym, let alone know how to use the intimidating machines.

  • Have never stuck to constantly exercising before and don’t want to fail again.

  • Have never exercised before and are intimidated by all of the crazy Instagram workouts and model bodies.


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  • Busy and it’s hard to find time and energy to workout and eat healthy

  • Feeling uncomfortable with the way your body looks

  • Worried about your health if you don’t make a change

  • Tired of feeling old, stiff, and having cranky joints

  • Overwhelmed by confusing fitness membership sites or scrolling aimlessly through YouTube not knowing what workout to pick

  • Know you need to stay healthy, but hate to exercise.

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If you’re thinking,

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It’s because I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients.

I’ve experienced it myself, too.

The only difference is, I have 18+ years of knowledge and experience training women to develop a program that is proven to work.

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After working with countless women for over 18 years to improve their health and fitness, I know what
works and how to get results.
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The good news is, I created a solution to solve all of these problems in a clear, fun, and doable way.

I will give you the tools, inspiration and knowledge to support you on your journey to tone, strengthen and gain confidence in your body.
"Haley's program is just what I was looking for. I was actually able to commit to 15 minutes a day and saw the changes in my body that I wasn't able to get with other programs."
-- Beth Morrow, NJ
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What if you could tone and tighten your body, from the comfort of your own home, in just 15 minutes a day?

What if it's as easy as...
Doing a 15-minute workout every other day?
Incorporating one simple healthy habit, like drinking more water, every week?

I know what you're thinking...
"Can I really see results from this?"

The answer is YES! I believe in small, sustainable changes that equal big results.

No gym or fancy equipment needed.
Just 15 minutes and my easy-to-follow Pilates videos.
Plus live accountability to make sure you're on track and help overcome any hiccups on the way.
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Master Pilates Instructor
Mom of 3
Coffee and Chocolate Lover
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I've taught Pilates for over 18 years, having found Pilates through my dancing training and ballet career. Pilates has seen me through many injuries including a fractured vertebra and a career-ending foot injury. I fell in love with the rehabilitative aspects of Pilates and decided to pursue Pilate full-time. 

I found my calling in helping women feel better about themselves, whether it was autoimmune issues, pelvic floor or menopause/hormone-related or injury. 

A few years ago, I started to have some unexplained chronic illnesses which left me with extreme fatigue, no motivation and exercising made me feel even worse. 

After working with doctors to get my heart under control, I needed to move again, but I knew I couldn't jump back into what I was doing before. So, I called upon my years of experience and created a program to help you feel happy and healthy. This is a program that I've been using unofficially for years and years to help all of my clients feel toned and stronger, now laid out in an easy to follow and implement format.

I am so excited to share this program with you!
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  • See visible results in your body?

  • Feel more confidence?

  • Lower stress levels and feel more centered?

  • Move with ease?

  • Have more energy?

  • Feel good about the skin you’re in?

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"I was a private client of Haley's for years before the pandemic. When she came out with the Fit + Fab Program I was so excited to be able to workout at home. I am stronger and more in shape now than I was a few years ago thanks to the healthy habits and being able to workout wherever I go!
-- Arlene Thompson, FL
My proven program for women who want  a jumpstart to tone and tighten without sacrificing time or enjoyment during the holidays.
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You notice your legs and arms toning up and you finally feel confident to wear that tank top or shorts.

You feel stronger and have more stamina to enjoy activities with your family and friends.

You have a tighter core and are excited to show it off.

You have more energy and can’t wait to take on a new project, or travel to exciting places.


Before you know it, you are loving your body and being the best version of yourself.

"I was hesitant to try this program because I hate to exercise, but I needed to do something. Now I'm able to get on the floor and play with my grandkids, something I haven't been able to do in years."

-- Suzanne Jenson, NY

Total Value $388 (3).png

Here is what you can expect when you join the

Happy and Healthy Holiday Challenge:

Flexible workout options that fit your life; exercise anytime, anywhere.

Accountability: Live virtual meetings plus email support when needed

Fun total body workouts, no equipment or gym needed.

Easy just-press-play technology

Low-impact, joint-friendly with no jumping or crazy choreography

Follow a proven plan with clear, actionable steps for successs

7-Day Risk Free Guarantee

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Quick, High Results Workouts

Four workouts per week, filmed so you can easily follow along on any device, no equipment needed. Plus, you'll have access to the workouts forever.



Weekly live virtual meetings plus email support.


Healthy Habits Guide

My cheatsheet for the 6 pillars of health. Examples of how to take actionable, doable steps towards feeling fabulous.


Holiday Cheat Guide

To help you make better choices and swap some holiday pitfalls for some guilt-free pleasures


Nutrition Guide

Nutrition doesn't need to be complicated. My simple and clear system for better nutrition habits.


Self-Care Guide

Great examples of self-care activities and how to create white space in your life.


Rest + Sleep Guide

Sleep affects everything from overall wellness to weight gain. Simple hacks to help you get more restful sleep.
Bonus #1
Beginner's Pilates Guide
A step-by-step video guide that breaks down the basic Pilates exercises and terminology I use most often.
Bonus #2
Guided Stretching Video
A video guide to take you through the best stretches to keep you feeling long and limber.
Bonus #3
Balance Work Video
A filmed balance workout to increase balance to help you feel nimble and agile.
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Inside the Happy and Healthy Holiday Challenge You'll Receive:

Weekly live accountability group calls + email support (Value $450)
4 weekly filmed high-results Pilates workouts (Value $240)
Healthy Habits Guide + Video (Value $27)
Holiday Cheat Guide (Value $27)
Nutrition Guide (Value $7)
Self-Care Guide (Value $7)
Sleep + Rest Guide (Value $7)
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Plus these Awesome Bonuses:

Beginner's Pilates Video Guide (Value $49)
Guided Strething Video(Value $17)
Balance Work Video (Value $17)
Total Value $388 (1)_edited.png
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Untitled design (9)_edited.png
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Total Value $388 (2)_edited.png
Total Value $388 (2)_edited.png
Total Value $388 (2)_edited.png
Total Value $388 (2)_edited.png
The "secret sauce" is accountability, I will be leading weekly group calls and available for email support throughout this challenge.
An easy-to-follow roadmap- you make enough decisions every day and the last thing you want to do is try to make up exercise routines.


A plan that works with your life- workouts you can do anytime,  anywhere and habit changes that don’t deprive you of things you love.

A workout program designed by someone who gets it- low-impact, joint-friendly, fun but results driven.

Money-Back Guarantee Website Graphic.png

I am extremely proud of the products I create and know anyone who buys them and implements this will be thrilled with their purchase.


That’s why I’m offering a 7-day money-back guarantee.


While I can’t guarantee that the Happy and Healthy Holiday Challenge will get an unrealistic outcome, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the product.


Of course, if you’re not happy with the Happy and Healthy Holiday Challenge, I will refund your purchase within 7 days of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I haven't done Pilates and/or exercised before?

Happy and Healthy Holiday Challenge was created to take you step by step through a safe, efficient Pilates workout to you can feel Healthy + Fit! I’ve even included a BONUS Pilates for Beginners Quickstart Video that goes over the Pilates terminology I use most often and breaks down the basic exercises in more detail.


Is this a membership? Will I be charged every month?

No, this is a one-time purchase and you have lifetime access to all of the videos and guides included.


Do I need any special equipment?

Just a mat and enough space around you to safely exercise. If you need any mat recommendations check out my Amazon store here.


When do I get access to the videos?

You will receive an email immediately after your purchase giving you the login information to access your videos. If for some reason you don’t receive it, check your spam folder or contact me at


What if I can't do it on my own?

I offer higher-level support (private sessions and small-group programs). Please contact me at for more information.


What if I decide this isn't for me?

I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 7 days of purchase. No worries.

f+f mock up.png
Inside the Happy and Healthy Holiday Challenge You'll Receive:

Weekly live accountability group calls + email support (Value $450)
4 weekly filmed high-results Pilates workouts (Value $240)
Healthy Habits Guide + Video (Value $27)
Holiday Cheat Guide (Value $27)
Nutrition Guide (Value $7)
Self-Care Guide (Value $7)
Sleep + Rest Guide (Value $7)
f=F bonus mock up.png
Plus these Awesome Bonuses:

Beginner's Pilates Video Guide (Value $49)
Guided Strething Video(Value $17)
Balance Work Video (Value $17)
Total Value $388 (1)_edited.png

© 2022 by Pilates by Haley. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy

Warnings and Disclaimers:

For your safety and mine: Check with your healthcare provider before beginning this or any exercise program. The Fit + Fab Pilates program is for information purposes only and not meant to treat, cure, diagnose or heal any diseases, illnesses, ailments, physical injuries or abnormalities. You exercise at your own risk and take full responsibility for how your body responds to these or any exercises. You agree to hold Haley Shoor and St Johns Pilates, LLC DBA Pilates by Haley completely harmless and not liable for any and all injuries that might occur as a result of your movements.


The Fit + Fab Pilates program and all my programs are based on my education and personal experience. Not every program or exercise is right for every person, so you MUST consult with your healthcare provider before doing any exercises listed here. This is not a substitute for any kind of professional advice. You are responsible for yourself. Please stop any exercise immediately if you feel discomfort or dizziness and consult your healthcare provider immediately. Do not do this program if you have any pre-existing health or orthopedic conditions. The Fit + Fab Pilates program is safe ONLY IF you do the exercises correctly with the correct muscles and if you know how to watch for warning signs from your body if your core can't handle the load/pressure that the movement requires, or if you feel any pain at all. If you find you can't do the exercises correctly, please contact us within 7 days of purchasing at for a refund. If you do choose to do this program, you will not hold Haley Shoor or St Johns Pilates, LLC DBA Pilates by Haley responsible for any illness, injury or issue that results from the program. IN NO CASE WILL St Johns Pilates, LLC DBA Pilates by Haley or Haley Shoor CUMULATIVE BE HELD LIABLE FOR TOTAL LIABILITY ARISING UNDER ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION BREACH OF CONTRACT, TORT, NEGLIGENCE, GROSS NEGLIGENCE, OR OTHERWISE) BE FOR MORE THAN THE AMOUNT, IF ANY, PAID BY YOU UNDER THIS AGREEMENT TO ACCESS THE PRODUCT AND SERVICES DELIVERED HEREIN, IN THE YEAR IN WHICH THE CLAIM AROSE.


By participating in this or any program created by St Johns Pilates, LLC DBA Pilates by Haley, you expressly acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer and the St Johns Pilates, LLC DBA Pilates by Haley Terms and Conditions, AND that you have received your health care provider's permission/clearance to participate in the program.


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