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Warnings and Disclaimers:

For your safety and mine: Check with your healthcare provider before beginning this or any exercise program. The Pilates program is for information purposes only and not meant to treat, cure, diagnose or heal any diseases, illnesses, ailments, physical injuries or abnormalities. You exercise at your own risk and take full responsibility for how your body responds to these or any exercises. You agree to hold Haley Shoor and St Johns Pilates, LLC DBA Pilates by Haley completely harmless and not liable for any and all injuries that might occur as a result of your movements.


The  Pilates program and all my programs are based on my education and personal experience. Not every program or exercise is right for every person, so you MUST consult with your healthcare provider before doing any exercises listed here. This is not a substitute for any kind of professional advice. You are responsible for yourself. Please stop any exercise immediately if you feel discomfort or dizziness and consult your healthcare provider immediately. Do not do this program if you have any pre-existing health or orthopedic conditions. The Pilates program is safe ONLY IF you do the exercises correctly with the correct muscles and if you know how to watch for warning signs from your body if your core can't handle the load/pressure that the movement requires, or if you feel any pain at all. If you find you can't do the exercises correctly, please contact us within 7 days of purchasing at for a refund. If you do choose to do this program, you will not hold Haley Shoor or St Johns Pilates, LLC DBA Pilates by Haley responsible for any illness, injury or issue that results from the program. IN NO CASE WILL St Johns Pilates, LLC DBA Pilates by Haley or Haley Shoor CUMULATIVE BE HELD LIABLE FOR TOTAL LIABILITY ARISING UNDER ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION BREACH OF CONTRACT, TORT, NEGLIGENCE, GROSS NEGLIGENCE, OR OTHERWISE) BE FOR MORE THAN THE AMOUNT, IF ANY, PAID BY YOU UNDER THIS AGREEMENT TO ACCESS THE PRODUCT AND SERVICES DELIVERED HEREIN, IN THE YEAR IN WHICH THE CLAIM AROSE.


By participating in this or any program created by St Johns Pilates, LLC DBA Pilates by Haley, you expressly acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer and the St Johns Pilates, LLC DBA Pilates by Haley Terms and Conditions, AND that you have received your health care provider's permission/clearance to participate in the program.


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