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Move Better and Feel Confident in Your Body!

St Johns Pilates is a boutique studio that takes an innovative approach and provides unparalleled movement training, regardless of your level of fitness.


We modify our training to address the needs of each of our clients. We create a tailored, specific workout designed to help you move better and feel confident in your body. 

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Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting--see what St Johns Pilates has to offer you.
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About our Practice

Our Method

The St Johns Pilates method emphasizes a contemporary and anatomical approach to Joseph Pilates' original work, focusing on proper spinal alignment, breathing and biomechanics. In addition to Pilates, our sessions can include myofascial release, resistance training, and innovative stretching techniques. Our master instructor has experience with a wide range of clients, including post-surgery, post-rehab, and pre- and post-natal as well as athletes requiring intensive performance training.

Our Studio

Our studio is airy and inviting, a place where you can nurture your mind and body. St Johns Pilates enriches your mind-body practice with a fully equipped studio furnished with reformers, stability chairs, spine-correctors, arc barrels, a Cadillac and a ladder barrel. 


St Johns Pilates is a boutique studio where we genuinely care about your fitness journey. We love what we do and want you to succeed, so we've partnered with only the best to help you get there. We have an in-house physical therapist and holistic nutrition program. Just to make things a little more comfortable, we offer complimentary water, coffee and towels.


Pilates Sessions

St Johns Pilates private training sessions offer unparalleled attention for a lesson finely tuned for you. In private training sessions, we have the luxury of devoting every single moment to your most beneficial workout.

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Our Holistic Nutrition Program is designed by a registered dietitian to help you safely achieve your best results. The key to our program is our check-in system to help keep you on track and give guidance where needed.

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Online Offerings

Offering Group or Private Online sessions. Join us virtually for a 45-minute class based on the Pilates mat structure incorporating balancing, leg work, light weights and stretching.

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Meet Haley Shoor

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Haley Buzbee Shoor is a Jacksonville native, recently returning to the South after a ballet career and owning a very successful Pilates studio in the NYC metro area. Haley is a Master Instructor Trainer with STOTT PILATES...

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"I cannot praise Haley enough. She is an absolutely amazing teacher--knowledgeable, caring and kind. She remembers each of her students' abilities and limitations and will adjust an exercise to fit each one, even in a group experience.
In truth, I have taken Pilates classes with other instructors. None of them compare to Haley and the way she leads a class. If you are thinking about taking Pilates classes, run, don't walk, to see Haley."
-- Arlene T.